Original doors

At Scottish Doors we take our inspiration primarily from late Victorian and Edwardian doors. This page shows some examples of doors we like and have had the presence of mind to photograph. Here we kick off with my favourite arrangement for internal doors: a single full-width panel at the top of the door and two or three tall vertical panels. (Note the fabulous curve on the top panel of the door on the left.) Now, the height of these vertical panels makes it impossible to place the door knob at the horizontal timber "rail" (the vertical timbers making up the frame of a door are called stiles; the horizontal, usually very top, very bottom and one or two in the middle somewhere, are called rails). In these two doors, a mini-rail divides the outside tall panel into two. This allows the door handle mechanism to be morticed into the body of the door. On the right, our own creation, the door handle is placed in its "natural" position, at the central rail. This extremely high positioning of the door handle is something we normally associate with houses of the 1920s. I can remember as a small child not being able to reach the door knob at my granny's 1923 bungalow in Largs.
   Below are two examples of front doors just down the street from where I live. More will be added to this site when I get out with the camera.