At Scottish Doors we build bespoke doors, staircases, conservatories, garden offices, windows, and generally all manner of architectural joinery. When we say bespoke, we mean the object is designed specifically for you (but choosing one of our pre-existing designs makes our life easier and delivery of your order quicker) and built specifically for you. Our only products that are off the shelf are handles and hardware.
  Why choose us? Well, first, you'll get a more unique door or balustrade than you could find anywhere else. Second, if you have a period home, you'll get a more authentic design than you will find anywhere. We are on Historic Scotland's register of companies that undertake restoration work on period properties and I have a PhD in archaeology from Glasgow University and was editor of Edinburgh University Press's book, The Social Archaeology of Houses. (If you have a new home, well, we'll try not to hold it against you.) And third, we aren't expensive and are quite nice.

Our doors

Click on "our door designs" to see examples of doors we have made and drawings of our own designs or click on "originals" to see photographs of doors we like and are happy to reproduce. Remember, too, that we also offer to design for you a door the likes of which have never been seen before! A truly unique door, by definition, is a fairly exotic beast. Fantasy doors are what we call them (I was in favour of calling them crazy or demented, but my wife simply shook her head and rolled her eyes.)
  Our exterior doors are generally made of oak, never tropical hardwood. But they can just as easily be made of ash or Douglas fir or pine or other timbers from temperate climes. If it takes the full brunt of British weather (west facing with little or no shelter) we suggest the door be painted. Oak doors have the advantage of being more or less unbreakable, so they are fairly burglar proof. If the facings which take the lock keeper are also oak, you have superb protection from theft.
  The oak is finished in an environmentally friendly natural oil varnish that is reputed to last in excess of a decade without requiring so much as a touch up. Although it is a gloss finish, nature will ensure that it is matt within the year. But wew won't supply an oak door which will be lashed with rain. Tough as oak is, it has a tendency to grow and shrink with moisture and it won't be long before yhr door won't close or it will twist.
  Our internal doors are not quite so chunky and strong, but equally beautiful. But our internal doors include refaced kitchen units and wardrobes. We will build extraordinary or quite plain cabinet doors to make your ugly old kitchen gorgeous. If you wish to see any examples of kitchens and, indeed, any other furniture you will have to navigate yourself off to our other website, samsonsjoinery.co.uk.

Visit us

If you live near Glasgow or have plans to come to Glasgow, why not see some of our work? We have a "showroom" at the Antiques Warehouse, 719 South Street, G14 0BX near the Glasgow Harbour development by the Clyde Tunnel. But remember, you won't find me there, unless you make arrangements.
 Telephone Ross Samson 07985 046827 or 0141 632 8681.